Santa Rita

Gruppo Santa Rita is a holding company that brings together three different realities, but all linked to the food industry:
Girarrosti Santa Rita, Parc Food e Red Bill.


Gruppo Santa Rita
Holding Company

Gruppo Santa Rita recounts the story of an Italian success that has continued for three generations. Since 1963 it has been involved in nutrition, bringing together various established companies in the food industry. The reason for the solidity of Gruppo Santa Rita is to be found in the choices of absolute quality, which have always been made without compromise: the selection of excellent primary products, the latest technology that is constantly implemented, the very high standard of production and the relationships with the high profile costumers.

Girarrosti Santa Rita

The chain restaurant that for 55 years has brought the best Italian chicken with the famous “Patate Mitiche” on everyone’s table.

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Red Bill

Company founded in Turin in 2002 from the family experience of the founders, who have been involved in the food industry for more than 50 years.

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Parc Food

Our food laboratory has always been chosen as a supplier by franchising, bars, self-service restaurants, high-rotation refreshment points, supermarkets, etc.

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Ethics of
Gruppo Santa Rita

We have studied every aspect of our activities, every single part of them, looking for solutions that allow us to reduce energy consumption and pollution. There are many precautions, big and small, that we constantly try to adopt to protect our planet as much as possible. In our laboratory, for example, we use solar energy from photovoltaic panels and the packaging we use comes only from certified and responsible companies.
Listed below you will find some results that we achieved over the years and that are our pride, but also a spur for constant improvement.

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Girarrosti Santa Rita
The best Italian chicken

Everyone in Turin is familiar with Girarrosti Santa Rita, the chain restaurant that for 55 years has brought the best Italian chicken with the famous “Patate Mitiche” on everyone’s table. In Piedmont and Lombardy there are more than 20 stores, but although the company is getting stronger, it does not forget that things must be followed personally and with the affection that is dedicated to an artisan reality.

The story of Girarrosti Santa Rita starts from Rome, with an entrepreneurial intuition of Mario Valenti and his son Achille: to import the passion and the gastronomy products loved in the Capital into Piedmont. In 1963 the first store was opened in Turin, in Piazza Santa Rita (which gives the name to the chain). From that moment the company began to grow: in 2013 it crossed the borders of Piedmont, with the opening of the first store in Milan.

Girarrosti Santa Rita became famous for its chicken and potatoes, but it has soon started to expande the range of products. In the stores there are various types of Sicilian arancini (“Aranciotti”), panzerotti, skewers, tender rolled sausages, fried chicken strips, potatoes with mozzarella or bacon (“Trottole” and “Ghiottole”), mild spicy chicken wings (“Hot Wings”), bocconcini all’ascolana, rice salad, cous cous and many other products. Depending on the needs and the preferences of costumers, Girarrosti Santa Rita can offer different alternatives and also provides an gluten free option for celiacs.

Being aware of one’s past is helpful to identify the values towards which to direct one’s future. First of all, the innovation: if Girarrosti Santa Rita is the current company, it is thanks to solid commitment to research and constant improvement, with the attention to the production processes. Without quality, we would not have gotten where we are, because the costumers’ trust and loyalty are not-obvious rewards, which can only be obtained under certain conditions. The exquisiteness of the primary products is an essential prerequisite to offer excellent products. The working process has to go through an artisanal and simple step, but with the support of the highest technology available and with a keen eye for quality control.

The most important resource of the company has always been its human capital: collaborators, clerks, managers, employees that work in the office, the marketing department, the warehouse workers, the drivers, the reception, the delivery call center... they are all part of a team that works together with a common goal and towards which Girarrosti Santa Rita expresses its greatest gratitude..

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Red Bill
Wings to your kitchen

Red Bill is a company founded in Turin in 2002 from the family experience of the founders, who have been involved in the food industry for more than 60 years. Such a in-depth knowledge of the sector has generated the desire to meet the needs of the Italian market which is normally and legitimately demanding. Red Bill is representing the important American brand Henny Penny in Italy, gathering its experience and know-how, to adapt and integrate them to the needs of the Italian market. During the years Red Bill has increased the offer of equipment, selecting and including in the range different other brands, each characterized by indisputable quality. Nowadays Red Bill is also an exclusive distributor of the American brands AJ Antunes and True and it also has a partnership with Rational, Arris, Hatco, Server/Nemco, Ayr King, Hoshizaki

The choice to set up a functional demonstration space that allows new customers to experience the various stages of production, and existing customers to carry out tests with the assistance of Red Bill, proved to be of enormous advantage. The fully equipped demonstration kitchen is the perfect synthesis of the Red Bill philosophy, aimed at satisfying every request and need of its customers.

The Red Bill warehouse, recently expanded and renovated, is the flagship of the company. Its capacity allows the staff to operate and intervene with the speed that derives from always having all the spare parts available in the company for maintenance and assistance, whether direct or indirect (external companies). In this way, the service improves significantly and allows time and costs to be optimized.

Nowadays, Red Bil advises to be wary of those who only sell equipment: it is simply not possible. The company has chosen to protect its customers by reinforcing its assistance system, to provide a complete service that includes preliminary consultancy for the order, delivery and installation on site, support and specialized post-purchase technical intervention. Its collaborators, perfectly trained and constantly updated, are always available to the customer, who is supported in all phases and in the case of specific needs. This customer care system allows those who choose Red Bill not to feel "abandoned" in front of the new equipment and intervenes in the event of problems, minimizing downtime and saving unnecessary waste of time, an invaluable asset for those addressing the public.

Red Bill's experience has never been based on a simple resale of equipment. Its policy is to develop new concepts, value-added services and customized solutions for catering operators in every corner of Italy. Its excellences are therefore based on a very high quality of sales, on operating costs reduced thanks to the selection of the most convenient machines on the market and on the productivity obtained with the choice of being assisted by a company that truly believes and invests in a long-term relationship with its customers.

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Parc Food
Handcrafted products for distribution professionals

Parc Food Service Solutions was founded in 2003 and is active in the high quality gastronomy sector. Our food laboratory Parc has always been the supplier of choice for large chains, bars, self-service restaurants, high-speed refreshment points, supermarkets, shops, etc. The success of Parc was determined by the many strengths: the attention dedicated to each stage of preparation, the careful search for the perfect balance of flavors and texture, the artisanal system that preserves the authenticity of the products, the attention to packaging and distribution.

Parc Food Service Solutions is in possession of a sanitary authorization and relative EEC stamp (IT 9-3649 / L CE) concerning the production suitability and hygiene of food products, and has arranged and implemented the provisions of the manual of correct hygiene and self-control (HACCP). Since 2006 Parc Food Service Solutions has obtained the ISO 9001-2008 certification, and by the end of 2018 it will be in possession of the ISO 220000ti certification.

The laboratory is equipped with the latest generation equipment, able to satisfy the customer's requests with exclusive and personalized recipes. To always offer excellent products, the raw materials used are carefully selected and only of the highest quality. The fried products, according to the request, can be ordered in different formats (20, 40 or 60 grams). A 2400 sq m structure with 10 storage cells, a computerized and constant monitoring of cold spaces, a team of qualified young people who work on the preparation of:

  • FRIED PRODUCTS: arancini in various fillings, nuggets, supplì, potato croquettes, chicken and olive balls, calzones, chicken wings.
  • BUFFET PRODUCTS: pasta salads, rice salads, chicken salads, farro salads, cous cous.
  • AD HOC PRODUCTS: customizable according to customer needs. 150 tons of product per month, of which 80 tons of breaded product.

All products are prepared by hand in an artisanal way at the time of request, using only the highest quality raw materials, favoring local ones, so as to always be able to offer excellent products for freshness and guaranteed authenticity. From every supplier, Parc Food Service Solutions expects high standards of quality and freshness which are constantly monitored. Particular attention is paid to frying: only oil and quality technologies for perfect results.

In the same way that the single product can be commissioned in different variants based on tastes and the type of event, a range of specific formats is also reserved for packaging, suitable for different situations and events. For finger food, for example, Parc Food Service Solutions has created a line of walking cones suitable for transporting fried products; for the same purpose, have been selected comfortable and clean sticks in which you can put small products that could grease your hands.

Each product made by Parc Food Service Solutions is as good, genuine and tasty as if it had been prepared at home. The goal is to respect quality, without compromising. In this way, in the kitchens of Parc Food Service Solutions - at the forefront from the point of view of hygiene and food safety - experience, dexterity and above all the love for things well done give life to small masterpieces of taste.

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